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Dr. Barrett Matthews, a former CBS Production Assistant and Assistant Director, is dedicated to providing businesses with the digital media tools they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.


Once distinctive media forms like podcasts, TV shows, well-produced videos, e-books, documentary films, and books became available, Dr. Matthews thought that all businesses doing great things should leverage these phenomenal tools.


Dr. Matthews and his team are dedicated to providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in today’s rapidly-evolving landscape. 

A Team to Develop Your Brand's Strategy Through Our Media Services

You deserve to be easily visible to those who require your offerings. Our tried and tested approach eliminates the hassle, frustration, and missed opportunities that arise from attempting to do it alone. 

Media Boss Pros has been supporting small businesses in reaching their complete target audience since 2017.

More Success Stories

Cassandra Shea

“Barrett is one of my favorite humans! We can chat business, football, Korean BBQ, karaoke, global impact, world events, and the future of media in one fluid conversation. After being a guest on his podcast, I’ve consulted with Barrett and Media Boss about my podcasting efforts and media strategy. He is a strategic, trusted advisor to grow using owned media. What impresses me most is not just his vast experience across media channels, but his ability to simplify what actions I can take to use media to actually grow my business by attracting paying customers. Super recommend Barrett as a media growth strategist, and love having him in my tribe as a quality human being!”

Tyler Tapp

“10 out of 10 recommend Barrett! His vast experience in media/business was pivotal for the projects we had his company working for us. He is a phenomenal communicator and organizational specialist, and it shows. We had him working on multiple massive podcast production projects at one time, and it went as smooth as butter! If you are looking for someone to manage your media projects, Barrett is your guy!”

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